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Terms & Conditions

Go Bangla Technology Ltd is an online service provider for Bus Ticket selling for different Bus Operators. We do not have our own Bus in any route.

1. Go Bangla Technology Ltd’s liabilities are limited to:

Issuing a valid ticket for passenger for a bus transportation operators (Bus Operators) /event organizers.
Providing refund and support in cancelation of trip by Bus Operators and/or event of cancellation by event organizer as per Go Bangla Technology
Ltd’s policy.
Our liability does not include the following:
The Bus operator's vehicle/event not departing / reaching on time.
The Bus operator's seats etc. not being up to the customer's expectation.
The Bus operator cancelling the trip, changing the type of vehicle or changing the seats with valid reasons
The baggage of the customer getting lost / stolen /damaged.
The customer waiting at the wrong boarding point.
The operator changing the boarding point and/or using a pick-up vehicle at the boarding point to take customers to the departure point

2. Ticket Mode:

The Honorable users/customers who book their seats through us will be provided ticket in a way convenient to the user. As of now we allow our users to get
tickets through SMS, Email or Printed Ticket. The users may get their tickets on their mobile phones. The message has complete information viz. ticket no,
date of travel, seats booked, place of boarding & destination, time of travel etc. The idea is to simply show the SMS received to ticket checker so that he
confirms your details at his end. Our users also have the luxury of getting the tickets in their mentioned email account. This way once a seat is booked the
ticket could be accessed from any device that connects to internet. For our users we also provide hard copies of the tickets from our service center. SMS or
EMAIL ticket should not be forwarded to any other customers or friends. If forwarded, SMS or EMAIL tickets does not count by Service Providers, Go Bangla
Technology Ltd will not be liable for this and no refund will be given.

3. Getting Copy of Ticket:

Even if you lose your ticket, we won't let you lose your seat. To help you in such case, the Ticket could be regenerated in a few clicks. Print ticket option
provided in our website helps you in such cases. If the PIN No. and Ticket No. aren't available, the customer care will help you out. After verifying few details,
the same ticket can be generated via SMS/Email.

4. Passengers are requested to arrive at the boarding point 30 minutes prior to bus departure.

5. Regarding Pricing Policy:

Total fare charged from user is inclusive of fare charged by bus operator plus service charge of Go Bangla Technology Ltd. and Payment gateway charge.
The Service Charge of Go Bangla Ltd is 30Tk/Ticket and gateway charges is as per gateway rule (percentage).

6. The Bus operator reserves the right to cancel/delay trips/events, change vehicles/venue and change seats due to unavoidable reasons.

7. Luggage policy is as per operator’s policies. The operator or Go Bangla Technology Ltd. does not bear any consequences for the passenger

carrying illegal goods.

8. For ticket cancellation and/or refund, please read our policy and procedure here.

Cancellation Policy

Tickets bought through www.gobanglabd.com can be cancelled as per the cancellation policy below. However, as a ticket selling agent, Go Bangla Technology Ltd. is liable to comply with the terms set by the Bus operator/event organizer/vendor whose ticket it is selling. So, if the operator/event organizer denies refund even though claim was made within the terms mentioned here, Go Bangla Technology Ltd will be unable to issue such refund.

Auto cancellation:

No ticket will be activated unless the customer has paid the full amount mentioned for selected ticket.
Tickets will be automatically canceled if customer does not confirm payment within 30 minutes of reservation.

Ticket cancellation eligibility:

Customer must cancel ticket before 36 Hours of Trip is eligible for refund customer must cancel the ticket and provide accurate refund information.
For Cancellation of ticket by customer/user service charge will not be refundable.
Any kind of ticket cancellation might not be allowed during Public Holidays journey as per bus company decision.
Customer will get refund fare plus service charges if trip cancel by Bus Operator or by Go Bangla Technology Ltd.
Gateway charge is nonrefundable in any case of calculation.

During Festival:

For Festival (Eid/Puja) tickets, If the trip cancel by Bus Operator customers will get refund.

Refund Policy:

We respect our Honorable customer and we have Refund policy for proper compensation. In case of proper cancelation of Ticket or if Cancel by Bus operator for their own issue/fault or from our side, we refund the seat's price to our customers. The money will be refunded to you via cheque or deposited in your Bank account. This price however does not include Service Charge and gateway fee. Refund will be made on tickets that are cancelled on time. For any other reason we are not liable to refund.

Customer should communicate for refund and we will refund 7-15 working days depending on payment gateway process. If refund request is complex which requires validation from bus operators and accuracy of complain, the refund can take 30 working days.
No refunds will be processed without a written request in the correct format sent to [email protected] within the timeframe.
Refund Request Format
Ticket PNR
Mobile number used while buying the ticket
Category (e.g Bus/Launch)
Date of payment
Method of Payment (e.g., bkash, COD, card)
Mobile payment trxID (for mobile payments)
Card type (e.g. Visa) and last 4 digits (for card payments)
Where refund should be given to:
Personal bKash Number (If paid through bkash) OR Bank details (if paid through card/online baking/DBBL mobile banking) with Account
Number, Bank Account Name, Bank Name, Branch Name and Routing Code.
No cash refund given

During Festival:

Customers MUST claim refund at the operator’s counters in case of trip cancellations.

Amount of refund:

Fees charged by payment gateways, credit / debit cards, mobile payment gateways (e.g. bKash) are non-refundable due to the policies of the
respective organizations, which is beyond Go Bangla Technology Ltd’s control.
Bangla Technology Ltd service charge is nonrefundable except ticket cancel by Go Bangla Technology Ltd.
For refunds through mobile payment gateways (e.g. bKash), a fee is charged by the mobile payment company which will be deducted from the
eligible refund amount. Similar condition will apply if the bank charges any such additional fee.

Complain Handling:

Our teams are dedicated to handle your complaints. Just log in your complain and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Users can call "Customer Care Centre “(no. 01880899996)"to get complains registered, can also send email to [email protected] The feedback form can be filled to register your issue.

Regarding Journey Trimming and e-Ticket:

It is being informed to the passengers who purchased the e-ticket, that due to the traffic jam and due to the mechanical errors of the vehicle and other natural reasons, it can change the time of the journey.

Payment Method:

Payment can be made via various channels, through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking/ bKash/COD. Total payment includes seat fare plus additional processing fee. The total sum will be displayed to you and that only will be deducted from your account. No additional fee will be charged later.